how to set PPQ in Cubase?

Is there a way to set PPQ in Cubase? or whats the default in to this?

Cubase’s internal MIDI resolution (PPQN) is very high. I don’t know what the current number is but back in the 90’s it was 1920. It might be way higher now.

You can change the DISPLAY resolution in the MIDI section of the Preferences window, but it’s generally unnecessary to change that.

I understand, I have a question, if for example I reduce PPQN, lets say for win some CPU usage (just for keep working) This will cause some low quality if I forgot to switch back to the default resolution at the render time?

or maybe Im making a mistake about PPQN :blush:

From the way I understand it, the internal PPQN can’t be changed at all. Very old versions of Cubase let you change it to save some CPU, but keep in mind that the fastest consumer CPUs back then were like 200-400MHz, much, much slower than the CPU you have. Your i7 is over 40 times faster despite being an older model.

In other words changing it would make very little difference. MIDI processing in Cubase probably uses less than 1% CPU for most people.

Thank you very much by the reply, but just by curiosity, PPQN, have something to do with the Audio Quality on a render, or its a different thing?