How to Set Saving Defaults in WaveLab Elements 10

When saving MP3 files, is it possible to set defaults to, e.g., variable bit rate and highest quality? It now invariably shows a Constant Bit Rate of 128 kbps and Fastest Method. I’ve looked under Preferences, but there doesn’t seem to be anything there.
Thanks in advance for any hint.

If I understand you correctly, you want to save files as .mp3 and have this as the default option.

When saving, usually you can either choose to specify what format you wan´t the file to be in - or you can select a preset. This preset can be modified and saved, and also set as default afaik.

Have you tried making your own preset in the save dialog, or setting a default there?

Best regards

Thank you for your quick reply, Maljud.
I created a preset, but that only seems to work when I do a “save as”; when I click Save or close the file by clicking on the X next to the file name, I still get the screen to set bit rate and quality, i.e., when just doing a Save the preset doesn’t seem to work, or am I missing something? Saving as, by the way, using the same file name doesn’t work.
Best regards.