How to set tempo sync in cubase

This might be a cubase noob question (but havent found any videos on it). Is it possible in cubase to automatically time stretch audio (perc loop, top loop) if you know the bpm of the sample.
For example my project is in 120bpm and the perc loop is in 135bpm but the loop is not perfect 8bars or 16bars its for example 17 and half. Can I somehow input 135bpm into the time stretching algorithm and the loop will timestretch to project tempo.
Thanks in advance just switched from fl studio to cubase will appreciate the help. :slight_smile: :sweat_smile: :smile:


Enable the Musical Mode on the Audio Event. The Audio will follow the tempo then.

musical mode works for me only if the loop is 8 bars long if there is reverb or audio tail it makes it offtime was wondering if u can manually input the bpm in musical mode

You can open the pool (CTRL/CMD +P) then enable musical mode and set the tempo there.

For parts/events already on the project, set project tempo to the original - 135BPM first (don’t worry about the rest of the song), enable musical time base for the track you want it to follow the tempo, open pool, enable musical mode and set tempo for the sample, then change project tempo back to desired - 120bpm.

will this correct the bar length issue he is mentioning though?

If the event is e.g. 4 bars long at 120BPM, setting the musical time base and then changing tempo to 135BPM will keep the bar length. If you enable musical mode and set the tempo to 135BPM at this point in the pool window, bringing the project tempo back to 120BPM will preserve the bar length at the same time the sample will be played at 120BPM time streatched.

yes i understand but he was saying there was a half bar at the end, so wouldn’t he need to cut it so its even?

It doesn’t matter if it has half a bar, the Event can have any length, the only important thing is to set the Event you want to use Musical Mode with to the right tempo.

In other words if you want Musical Mode to work properly then you need to tell Cubase what is the original tempo of the file. This can be done in the Pool by double clicking the tempo value and replacing with the right tempo. This is very important because some files you import don’t include tempo information, and will automatically be set to the project tempo which isn’t good if their original tempo don’t match what’s set in the pool. This is the very first thing to check when Musical Mode isn’t working as expected.