How to set text as an object that must not overlap anything?

Hello, I want to know if it is possible to set text so that it is in the foreground of lines of staves. Currently, for example, in this image, the text is behind the line. And likewise, I don’t know if you could make this bar so long that the text doesn’t collide with this line in the first place. So in short, if you can set text as an object that must not overlap anything.

You can erase the background of text items.

The width of bars depends on the casting off (how many bars are in each system), which you can influence in various ways – if you’d like advice on that, it might be helpful to share a larger example (e.g. the whole page) so people here have a better idea of the context.

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To widen the bar, enter the notes if you haven’t already.

Thank you! Funnily enough, this way only works for lines, not for musical symbols:

Another question I have: Is there any way to disable the influence of the text on the spacing between two staves?

I think I found it! Is activating this box in engraving options the right way?

Then it looks like this:

Yes, background erasure doesn’t apply to all other items, it’s mostly staff lines and barlines.

That’s an individual property for selected items. You can also disable collision avoidance for all text items in the project in Engraving Options > Text, although there are likely to be some that you do want to avoid collisions, and you can make a judgement as to which way of setting the Engraving Option makes most sense for each project.

If a property has a toggle and a checkbox, then the toggle overrides the corresponding default option, and the checkbox then determines whether the property is “on” or “off” (as your text collision avoidance Engraving Option might be “off”, but for an individual text item you want to override that and turn it “on”).

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