How to set the Cubase cursor with a midi controller to a specific bar

Hello dear Cubasers,
Unfortunately, not all band members are always present at our band rehearsals. For example, if the solo guitarist is missing, we can replace him with a Cubase recording. A defined note is played via a midi keyboard and Cubase plays the solo. To do this, the Cubase cursor must first be positioned exactly at the point of the solo, which is very inconvenient. And what about a second solo?
When experimenting, I noticed that I only have a few options for controlling the current cursor position: start, stop, forward to the next mark … somehow it didn’t really work out.
The wish is actually quite simple:
We have a midi controller with several buttons. I would like to have each button assigned a bar number. When you press the button, Cubase should jump to this bar number and start automatically. It would be nice if Cubase could stop automatically (when the solo is finished) but I could also do it manually with another button if necessary. Is something like that possible?
Thank you for tips

If you are happy to use markers then Controller → Marker keyboard command would do the trick.
You don’t say which OS you are on but there are several options for MIDI → Key presses available on Mac and Win - google it.


You can use either Marker track or Arranger track.

Hmmm … ok, that means it is actually only possible with commands like


to navigate ? That’s what I call uncomfortable. So if I have several markers and want to jump to a specific marker, then I have to send several midi commands in a row, like e.g


Yes it works but beware of adding another marker, then all previous definitions are broken. I miss commands like

gotoAbsolutePosition1 (one midi note to jump to the guitar solo)
gotoAbsolutePosition2 (one midi note to jump to the sax solo)

Is there perhaps a simpler method to start specific parts during a performance?

Shift+P will allow you to enter a numeric value for the bar position of the cursor. You would need to add something like AutoHotKey to then enter the bar number and start playback. AutoHotKey is a sophisticated macro app for Windows. It wouldn’t be too hard to do what you want. It is unfortunately not available for the Mac but there’s probably some Mac macro app that could accomplish what you’re after. Even something like Bome’s Midi Translator could do it.