How to set the length of a chord?


In the Chord Track, how to set the length of a chord? From the documentation, the chord lasts until a new chord is played…This can’t be true…
Please let me know.

Yes, this is true, but the “next chord” doesn"t actually have to be one! :wink:… Just enter a chord event where you want the previous chord to stop, but don’t define it… leave it as “X”.

That’s cumbersome… But thanks for the tip :wink:

think of the chord track as more of a guide.

once you have your main 5 or 6 chords, think about using individual Instrument tracks and follow the chord track by scale or actual chord.

hope this helps.


Are you suggesting that different instrument tracks can follow specific chords within the chord track (rather than all of them)?

Also, how do you follow a chord track by scale?

You can select on the instrument or MIDI track to follow the scale or chord of the chord track on a per track basis.

For example; if you was playing a melody line you wouldn’t want to be restricted by ‘just’ the chords so would therefore choose for that track to follow ‘scale’

The scale would change dependent on the current chord being played.

Hope this helps you

Cool – I’ll have to give this a try. Thanks!