How to set up 64-bit machine without ReWire...

I’m setting up my dream Win 7 (64-bit) machine… but I’m worried that it will turn into a nightmare…

I want to set up Cubase 5.5 (64-bit) and GigaStudio4/Kontakt (64-bit) on the same machine.

I realize that there is no 64-bit ReWire, but I have always used ReWire up until now.

Is it possible to get Giga/Kontakt to work with Cubase, all on one machine, all in 64-bits, without ReWire?

If so… how/where can I learn how to set everything up?


— Alan

Bump… does anybody have any insight re a ReWire-free 64-bit setup?!?!?

Would this work for it?

Hey Roger,

Thanks for responding!!

It’s sort of weird that this topic doesn’t generate more attention… isn’t anyone else migrating to 64-bits, or is the whole world waiting for ProTools to do it first…???

I’ve solved the audio part of the equation. I’m going to get an RME RayDAT:

It has been confirmed in the RME forum that I can have one application send audio to any physical output, which I can “loop back” internally in the HDSP mixer (TotalMix). Then, apprently, the output will be available at the corresponding input channel, and thus available to be accessed by the recording software.

HOWEVER, someone else chimed in and said that I still won’t be able to get Cubase to communicate with Giga via MIDI… which seems odd since the RayDAT has 2 MIDI I/Os, one of which could be for my external MIDI patch bay and the other of which should be seen by Cubase. I’m still waiting for further cliarification on that point.

Any ideas here, anyone?

Pretty please? I can’t upgrade from Cubase 5.5 to 6 until I’ve worked this out… :exclamation:

Lots of people have been on C5x64 and Kontaktx64 since shortly after C5 was released, it’s Giga which is the oddball. Can you not ditch it, and convert your libraries to Kontakt? I’m assuming there’s a good reason not to, so you might find some more like-minded users in the VST instruments section.

I believe some users have solved this using FX Teleport.

What I can tell you is that the HDSPe range from RME are the best I’ve ever used and TotalMix is unsurpassed for flexibility. With the RayDAT you can chop and change your converters as long as they have ADAT without messing with drivers, and RME drivers are most stable you’ll find.