How to Set up a Plugin server ?

Ello peps ,

I’m running an old 3 gen i7 3370k with win 10-64 and Cubase 10-5.-20 and i have the chance at a stupid price to get the same old spec i7 as i’m running now . I have absolutely no running issues at all , all automatic updates are turned off , no internet , it’s a pure Daw that’s been setup to Steinbergs recommendations ever since they recommended the 3370 about 6 years ago .
My question is:

I’m thinking of off loading all my plugin’s to a second 3770k as a server and im wondering how i would go about this , i know “Waves” have software for connecting a host and a slave and i’m just wondering if there are any alternatives ?

John .

check out Audigridder. It’s still in Beta 1.1 but works very nicely. It’s available at Github.

Vienna works great for VSTI’s but it’s not designed for using just plugins. Audio gridder can also work without needing a second monitor on your slave I think as it projects the GUI on your main host.


Hi M
I have seen it on Kvr , looks interesting , now someone else has recommended it i’ll give it ago

Many thanks