How to set up a touchscreen for Cubase macros?


I stumbled across Junkie Xl’s tutorial videos, which are amazing, and became very intrigued with using a touch screen for Cubase’s macro commands. If anyone has any experience doing this, from an earlier video he mentioned that it is a separate computer running it, I would greatly appreciate it.

Just use cubase ic pro.

or for a powerfull Touch System use DTouch for Cubase you can demo it here :

I have heard some decent things about getting an android TV box to power Lemur and then just route that into the main PC. I am only really looking for the macro functionality.

IC pro is only supported on Mac now, and I do not have the cash to get a cheap mac just to run the app.

No. It works on Windows as well, as long as you have an iPhone or iPad. Just install Steinberg SKI remote.

You are correct, but unfortunately I do not own any apple products. Also, the price of getting Lemur a 23" touch screen and a tvbox are much less than an entry level apple device.

Cubase IC Pro fails to maintain a WIFI connection so often that I moved away from it. I use the keyboard and a mouse as it is more dependable!

i am just using the generic remote protocol of cubase and sending MIDI out messages via midiYOKE ( to it to fire off the macros from external devices. ( for MIDI over wi-fi on Windows, you can use )

So are you able to run that on a host computer and just plug in a touch screen?

yes, you install the virtual driver / ports on the host computer (i suggest you read the info in the link provided above).

(i am currently incorporating an android device using midi over wifi to fire off autohotkey scripts and / or macros on the host computer; finding some practical use for an old samsung phone i’d stopped using that way.)

I have checked out the link you posted but I am a little bit unsure about a few things:

1)Would this just be a supplement for a program like Lemur or TouchOSC?

2)Does it need to be ran on a separate system or can I run everything on the host computer, i.e. only buying a touch pad.

  1. While it says that it is meant for midi commands, this is perfectly capable of making macro/key commands to execute within cubase?

re 1] indeed, it is just a framework that you can use, whilst using another environment to generate those midi out messages. personally i use the touchOSC software you just mentioned, and programmed everything myself. i would think it probable the solutions like dtouch use the same approach behind the scenes, except it’s pre-made and much more user-friendly.

The more that I am looking at the android tv boxes, the more I am thinking that they are sketchy, I may be completely wrong. I have no clue if either TouchOSC or Lemur function on Chrome’s OS either. The only other option available to me is getting a mac to use in addition to a touch screen monitor, but that is really expensive.

So far, the only windows based applications, aside form Dtouch, I have found are:
Surface Editor (Although I do not know if this has been updated in awhile.)

There is also something called ctrlr, I guess?

Hi, I’ve been using an Android app called Vectir for quite a while. It’s a remote control app with some useful presets (Winamp, VLC, etc) but crucially you can also create your own. This process is pretty simple (the layout design is fiddly, though, but well worth the trouble) and I now have separate collections of editing and recording macros available on my otherwise unused ancient smartphone. Connects via wifi or Bluetooth and sits by my keyboard when I edit or next to the mic in the “booth” where I don’t even need line of sight to run a session. The full paid version (frumpence) even gives you desktop view. And you don’t have to buy iGhly expensive gear to use it. Just the thing for us struggling musos…

And no, I don’t work for them or even know them… :wink: C