How to set up Instruments For Single Line Percussion

I came across this Percussion Line in a score and was wondering how to set up the instruments that are gonna be written this way on it. I tried to find a video on YouTube where I think John Barron talks about it, but saw that the videos were pretty old and don’t know which one to choose. So, any quick guide help would be great.

Thanks, Nicolas.

Here’s some info from the manual. There’s a paragraph about staff lines in there too:

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I think it should actually be as simple as:

  1. Create a “single” player
  2. Add all the percussion instruments they need to play (suspended cymbal, triangle, cow bell etc)
  3. Rename the player “Percussion” and “Perc.”
  4. Show player names in staff labels for this player, in the required layouts
  5. Input notes on the staves of the corresponding instruments (switch to galley view to see them all laid out separately) ie write the sus cym notes on the sys cym line
  6. Let Dorico handle instrument changes for you :slight_smile:

Thanks @Lillie_Harris and @DanielMuzMurray ,

A quick question though. How can i add the soft malletts to the note as in the screenshot?


You could add it as text: Shift+X

You could also create a custom Playing Technique if you’d like to have it play back at some stage:

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