How to set up Mackie MCU in Cubase 13


It looks like legacy controllers such as MCU are no longer available in Cubase 13 and when selecting MIDI Remote and looking for a Mackie MCU, I can’t find one. Am I missing something?


Never mind, I found it. Duh, just press the + sign.

I found the remote made for it had some slight differences and a couple things that actually didn’t work.

Could you please share how you found it? I see the Mackie option, but it wants a model number. Did this work for you? Notice it is not like previous versions that had a specific option for Mackie Universal or Mackie MCU, so it is not clear about what to select when you have a generic control surface that supports Mackie Universal protocol. Please elaborate.

I used Mackie Control

Hi Steve and thank you. I was confused thinking I needed to click on MIDI Remote instead of just Add Device at the top.

Thanks again.

Yes, that is the same mistake I initially made.