How to set up my Korg Kronos with Cubase?

I recently purchased Cubase elements 6, making the jump from Audacity.

I’m currently using a Korg Kronos and I was wondering how to properly set it up to work with Cubase. I’d like to record the sounds that are produced on the Kronos directly into cubase. I’m a little new to the whole music production world so I’m not sure exactly how to go about this (I’m borrowing this Kronos from a friend.) Currently I only have a USB cable to connect to the computer, so I’d use the Kronos as an Audio Interface.

So far, I’ve gotten the Kronos to interact as MIDI with Cubase, but I’m not getting the sounds I want. I’m not sure if it’s even possible to do what I’m trying to do (Record the kronos patches directly into cubase as editable MIDI?)

Thanks for any help, sorry for my ignorance.

You can´t record the Kronos sounds as MIDI, since MIDI is no sound. If you want the Kronos sounds, you have to record the audio output, while the Kronos can be triggered by MIDI.

I do this all the time with Logic.

That’s because CoreAudio will take a class compliant USB audio device (which the Kronos is) and use it at low latency. But, the reason I USE Logic on that machine, is because Steinberg sticks with their decades old ASIO standard. I didn’t even load anything-plugged in the USB and tell logic to use “kronos sound” and “kronos MIDI”.

The best bet for Windows is to load up ASIO4All and see what kind of latency numbers you can get.

That being said…

Record the kronos patches directly into cubase as editable MIDI?

Then you just want to record MIDI, which should work fine on Windows. It’s audio where the OS APIs differ so greatly.

I also just bought a Korg Kronos to use with my Cubase 7.
Korg says that you can use it as a I/O soundcard to your DAW, and that was my purpose to buiyng it.
But to my surprise I discovered that Korg dont have any ASIO drivers for Korg Kronos.
You have to use ASIO4ALL to record the sounds from Kronos into Cubase.
This is if you use a PC like I do. With MAC it seems that you can choose Kronos as your soundcard in Cubase.
I think its strange that Korg didnt bother to make some good audiodrivers for such an excellent and expensive synth.
I mean, every cheap soundcard on the market has ASIO drivers.

Well it seems to work fine with ASIO4ALL anyway, but it feels like an compromise.

Because it’s not a sound card. All a company can do is support the OS level APIs, else they’re forever updating and doing computer support.

Windows/Microsoft is who you should be upset with.

here’s the thing–IF they wrote an ASIO driver, which is only useful for WIndows…it won’t work with ANOTHER card–so, effectively, they would be making it for people who want to use the Kronos as their ONLY audio interface for a Windows DAW. Not many people would buy say a $500 piece of software and a Windows machine powerful enough for DAW use and not own an audio interface.

It is what it is. You can simply buy an ASIO interface with optical IO (or analog line level), plug it into the Kronos. So, you’re $150 away from a solution to your audio integration issue.

Even though I like that the Kronos works with my Mac with a single cable…it will stop working I PROMISE before I retire the keyboard. Otherwise, it didn’t factor into my reason for buying. Keyboards have never integrated with computers outside of standard audio/midi protocols (SPDIF/ADAT/MIDI). I will likely be using this Kronos in ten years when Windows 15 and Mac OS11 have rendered the computer connection useless.

I bought the Kronos so I could turn the computer on LESS. And not have to dumb down my audio sample rate to that of a keyboard that makes 2 of 30 tracks of audio…but, I understand the frustration. It’s just more complex than Korg didn’t make “a good audio driver”. Microsoft didn’t make one. Korg supports both OSs APIs as “good” as allowed.

@XanW: Take a look here.

It looks like ASIO4ALL is your best bet.

This is how Korg marketing Kronos:
"Kronos can also be used as an audio I/O for your computer, sending and receiving two channels of audio via USB. In a music production system using your Kronos and a computer, there is no need to purchase any additional hardware, creating the simplest possible set-up. "

If you use a PC with Cubase this is possible to do with DirectX ASIO , but with so bad latency that you cant play with it.

OP how did you get on? I have a similar problem with Korg Triton Extreme