How to set up voice groups.

The Halion 4 manual is describing voice groups differently then what I’m looking for. I want to set a sample to be cut off by another sample like a hi hat open and close sound. In other samplers I’ve used I just set all those sounds to the same group number. Is there a way to do this in Halion 4?

The easiest way to do that is to secure that both samples (open and closed) are within the same layer.

  • select the layer
  • goto the “Sound” editor tab and set the “Voice Manager” to “on” in the “Voice Management” section
  • now you can activate the “Voice Groups”
  • then you should be able to see the 128 Voice Group settings below
  • set the “Poly” (polyphony) for group 1 to 1
  • goto to the “Program” tree editor and select both samples
  • go back to the “Sound” editor and set the “Voice Group” to 1 in the “Voice Control” section
  • done

best regards

Thank you very much.