How to set up XTouch with Cubase 13?

I have a Behringer XTouch that I want to use with Cubase 13. I was able to configure it as a Mackie and it seems to be working, but after researching how to do this I found references to using MIDI Remote instead. The problem is there’s no MIDI Remote script for XTouch in Cubase’s Scripts folder. Does anyone know if the Mackie settings are good enough, or should I keep trying to find a script specific to the XTouch. Thanks!

There are a bunch of MIDI Remotes being posted online by folks here, including X-Touch. Do a forum search and you should find where they’re kept.

That said, if the X-Touch does what you need in Mackie Mode you can always migrate later - or never. I’m leaving my X-Touch on Mackie for now because I don’t have a compelling reason to migrate.