How to set VariAudio to 442 Hz pitch

Hi everyone.
I please need an advice about where and how to set the Vari Audio tuning to 442 Hz pitch instead of 440.

Thanks in advance.



I’m afraid, it’s not possible. See this thread.

I’m not sure what kind of soundcard you are using, but I believe it is possible with the RME RayDat soundcard. There are some videos on YT showing the feature of the card.

Thanx Martin.
The thread you advised to me was posted in 2013 So this problem has still not been solved ?
I will follow this new thread and hope for a solution. As many people here, not been able to tune the track to other instruments which are not tuned at 440 make variAudio most of the times unusable for me.


As far as I know, there is no update in the VariAudio area since 2013.

Can’t be done as far as I know. Hence I use Melodyne which has this function.