How to setting automation parameter list

hello! I am not familiar with English, so the sentences may be awkward🥹

I want to edit the list of automations in Cubase. for example
QC 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

The parameters in QC and the QC parameters in automation are different,
so I press More… button every time to find the parameter.
This is very inconvenient.

I would be grateful if someone can tell me how to solve it

Hi there and welcome to the forums!
I’m afraid there is no way you can customize that list.
One work-around is to enable Write and click the control/parameter on the VST you want an automation lane from. This should create a lane right away without having to search for it in that list.

hello thank you very much for your answer

I turned on Write and clicked Parameters in the VST, but no lanes are created.

did i do something wrong?

Just to clarify, the idea is to record some automation data for the VST you’re using. A single data point is sufficient. This recorded automation can then be deleted as we only did this step to bring up the automation lane.

If you don’t see the automation lane(s) after you recorded automation, try using the command “Show All Used Automation”. You will find that command by right clicking any track in the track list.

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Here’s what I understand: When a track is playing or recording, clicking on a parameter in vst creates a lane.

Actually doing this created the desired lane.

Did I understand correctly? sorry i’m not good at english :cry:

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@cheese Yup, you got it!

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You put the track in Write, but you also need to let the project play for just a second, and while it’s playing, use your mouse to tweak the knob you’re insterested in automating. If you have the option “Reveal parameter on write” checked in the Automation Panel’s (F6 to open) “Settings” Tab, the automation lane will show immediately.


It is impossible to choose between the two solutions. But thank you very much for your solution too!

No problem cheese, any time!