How to setup Cubase 7 Control Room with Saffire Pro 24 DSP?

Dear Cubasers,

:arrow_right: I’m a vocalist who does alot of recording to backing tracks (i hate the word karaoke, but lets just say using that word you’ll know what I mean!). Anyway, I recently upgraded my setup to Cubase 7 and Saffire Pro 24 DSP. At first I got this interface so that I could add no-latency comfort reverb to my headphone mix while recording but I find that the verb is kinda muddy when mixed with the backing track from Cubase into Saffire’s MixControl. Furthermore, now that I’ve done tutorials with Cubase, I’m interested in using Cubase’s Control Room INSTEAD of Saffire MixControl. I dont really want to have to deal with 2 separate mixing consoles, and frankly I’ve got a pretty powerful PC so adding reverb to a Cue Send instead of using Saffire’s DSP verb might still be an acceptable option. Problem is I cant figure out how to set this up. I’ve watched video tutorials and I searched the forums but couldnt find any thread with this specific setup.

:question: If you have Cubase 7 and Saffire Pro 24 DSP, plus a great understanding of audio routing, can you please provide me with instructions on how to setup this combination for vocalist tracking?

:question: Also, am I right to think that doing everything from Cubase’s Control Room is a better workflow that using Saffire’s MixConsole along Cubase’s MixConsole?

Have you seen this thread…

Its Cubase 6.x and not Saffire Pro specific, but, a lot of the same principles (still) apply. You could also respond/write into that thread to Scott, the guy who did the tutorials; pretty affable/nice guy - I’m sure he could help you get going… :wink:

Good luck…!

Oh, that does look like a great place to start. Thanks Puma0382!