How to setup Cubase AI 10.5 with Roland Trigger module TM-2 MIDI connexion

Hi all , i’ve a roland drum trigger module TM-2 i want to connect it with midi to run with cubase AI 10.5 but nothing append when i try it with the vst “groove agent se” . The trigger is connected with a prodipe midi usb , this one is reconize in windows and cubase but i don’t have the trigger model on the list on the manager midi devices menu.
Thank you very much for your help

You don’t need to have it listed in the MIDI devices manager. This one is mainly used for external instruments, such as hardware synths modules.

OTOH, what you need is to be sure that the Prodipe MIDI to USB interface is listed in the Studio>Studio Setup>MIDI Port Setup and that its input is ticked as ‘Active’. Once this checked, you’ll need also to be sure that it is selected in the Input Routing drop down list which is in the inspector of the involved track.

After this, be sure that both the MIDI channel on which the TM-2 transmit and the MIDI channel used by GA SE are matching. Check also that the MIDI Thru Active option is ticked in the Preferences>MIDI panel. Once all done, you should be ready to go…

Thank you very much , i 've follow your instructions and it’s better . now i can show activity on the prodipe usb when i press button on GA SE . It’s look that the flow work only on 1 direction , i’ve try the kick trigger en the tm2 but nothing append. I think i miss some configuration to assign trigger with GA SE , if you have an idea it was a pleasure

Seems that there is a setting on the TM-2 (instrument edit) that allows to choose which MIDI note number is sent when a triggering occurs. The notes number sent should match the sound you want to use in a given GA SE kit. The ones needed are visible on the each pad displayed in the GA SE window.

I’m afraid that I can’t help much more, as I’m not used to such a device (using an Akai MPD32, here…). :confused:

yes right for each trigger there is a note MIDI on the module , i try the mapping at soon . thank a lot for your response

hello cubic13 , i found another stuff , the in / out on the prodipe usb should be inverse on my tm2 out on in , in on out :wink: . Now i must map the note on the manual on tm2 the note for each trigger are respectively : 35,36,38 and 40 , is there a map board exist because i don’t see those note on the GA SE ?

These notes should be accessible in GA SE, as there are several pads groups (1 → 8) available as buttons just above a given set of 16 pads, each of them covering a given notes range.

But you’ll probably have to edit an existing preset and save it as a new one, after having used the Load/Save instrument commands - reachable by right clicking on a pad - for the corresponding involved ones.

You can click Show Pad Info to show the corresponding MIDI notes on the pads in GA.

You might have to also enable the “Use Hardware Controller Mapping” option on the bottom, since you’re using a Trigger Module.

Selections shown yellow below :


More info on the Pads on the Steinberg help pages.

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