How to Setup Komplete Kontrol MK2 S61 As a Cubase Controller

Hello my friends:
I am struggling with setting up this controller.

I have installed the drivers and they are registered in Windows Device Manager.
When I add a New MIDI track, I am able to select the KOMPLETE KONTROL S61 as MIDI IN/OUT to play other instruments.

However, I am unable to use all of the controlling abilities of the controller.
I have seen hundreds of videos but none of these videos show “the how to setup part.”
The videos show the controller already configured and playing.

To setup, I go into Cubase Pro 11.0.30 and click on StudioStudio Setup.
KOMPLETE KONTROL S61 is not listed as a device and when I click Add Device, KOMPLETE KONTROL S61 is not listed there either.

As you can see from the screenshots below, I am able to select KOMPLETE KONTROL S61 as a MIDI input/output device for added tracks but not as a Controller device.

How do I make this work so that I am able to use all of the parameters on the Controller to control parameters in Cubase?

Thank you so much!

Have you installed the Komplete Kontrol software? Looks like you haven’t got the extension installed that automatically comes with it.

You are right:
I was able to fix the last night after hours of messing around.

There is an issue with the driver specified.

There are two different drivers listed on the NI website.
The drivers on the main product page does not appear to work.

However, the driver listed under the support page works.

Also, NI has no Serial Validation when using Native Access. When I first entered the Serial Number it said it was successfully added but says nothing about installation.

When I check I did not see Komplete Kontrol listed.

As luck would have it, I decided to re-enter the Serial and this time it worked, also, I installed the driver version from 2017.

Thank you for responding.