How to setup mastering bus??


I want to setup a mastering bus in Cubase next to the regular Stereo Out such that I can easily switch (with one button press in Cubase or the on my presonus monitor control)) between my normal mix and mastered mix.
(fyi: I have a saffire pro40)

Thus, something like:
(1) tracks send to Stereo Out also send to mastering bus
Tracks ----> Stereo Out —> Sound card channel x,y
|–> Mastering bus —> Sound card channel a,b

(2) Mastering bus that I can bypass
Tracks -----> (mastering bus) -----> Stereo Out --> Sound card channel x,y

(3) Using group channels with both groups going to stereo out
Tracks ----> Group channel 1 --------------> Stereo Out —> Sound card channel x,y
Tracks ----> Group channel 2 (master) —> ^
(but this is kind of annoying since I have to Send every track to both group channels)


Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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I finally figured it out. See attachment.