HOW TO SETUP - "record latency adjustment" Correctly WL11

Hi Everyone,

I was searching for a way how to setup properly the “record latency adjustment” for in wavelab.

Does anybody can share some info or maybe a link to a (hidden) You Tube video, because I could not find any.

Thanks in advance

What do you actualy need to achieve ?

I’m experiencing latency issues when recording with the “external plugin” (I tap the latency DETECT button and works) but somehow getting clicks and audio dropouts randomly all of a sudden, so thought to record back straight into the montage. Now I would like to set it up properly with the “record latency adjustment” (same as you do in protools I think is you set up hardware or digital hardware in a way with a converter to avoid latency when recording). Correct me if I’m wrong and looking forward how to setup correctly.

In regard to recording back to an Audio Montage track which is my preference, have you checked out the “Direct Monitoring” option?

There are too many unknown variables that could exist with your setup to comment more. That said, I don’t think WaveLab is set up to be as latency free as a normal recording/mixing DAW like Pro Tools or Cubase.

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What’s are your computer specs, windows or Mac, are you using your audio interface manufacturer driver, what are the buffer settings.
This information is needed so we can help you.

Hardware Overview:

Model Name: MacBook Pro
Model Identifier: MacBookPro18,2
Chip: Apple M1 Max
Total Number of Cores: 10 (8 performance and 2 efficiency)
Memory: 64 GB

Interface: Antelope Orion 32+ (automatic buffer size - min latency are the inside settings)

Wavelab Pro version: 11,2,0 build 13 x64

In the Audio Connection settings, in the Control Panel setting, don’t set the “buffer size” below 256.
You can try 512 and 1024. This is more latency but also more reliability.
Concerning the “Record Latency Adjustment”, there is no other way that “try and find”. But once this is done, this should be ok for all recordings.

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And what is the reported latency in WL ?
Some manufacturers do some workaround with the automatic delay compensation by introducing some extra buffers, you could try manual settings and do as @PG1 says , trial and error , fine tuning till you get your best delay values! Otherwise you could monitor using the internal antelope mixer and not in Wavelab. That´s what i do most of the times, unless the singer/client/voiceover needs some auto tune, extra FX or something.

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Thank you all for your answers and time. I’m going to try as you mentioned but will be preparing ProTools as we speak because somehow there is more trouble going on that I can’t explain and have the time for to dive into while projects need to be finished (always projects with a deadline when stuff happens)

I’ll be back later with my findings and post them here so maybe others that experiencing them could try as maybe a solution.

With Pro tools you sould have around same delay compensation values .Small deviations might occur due to how both programs works but should be the same!