How to setup scarlett 2i2 on Cubasis LE 3 with ipad pro 2021?

My cubasis Le 3 wont unlock, plugged in my scarlett 2i2 it worked without power supply on the new ipad pro but cubasis wont unlock. I then plugged in a power supply maybe interface needed it but still wont work. Power supply is not the issue because I start hearing from my interface right after i plug it in but cubasis is not detecting it, keeps running on demo mode. Please help
Devices im using are
Ipad pro 2021
Ugreen usb c hub
Scarlete 2i2 1st generation

Hi @godofemptiness,

Thank you for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Cubasis LE 3 runs in demo mode unless being unlocked via a supported audio device, which comes bundled with Cubasis.

Please find the list of supported or better bundled audio devices on our Cubasis LE website:

Unfortunately, Focusrite is not on the list, but you might get in touch with them to let them know, that you want to see Scarlett bundled with Cubasis…