How to setup Yamaha CVP keyboard, for CUBASE 8.5


I have problem about Yamaha CVP-605 digital piano didn’t midi operation with my system.

CVP-605 is recognition in MAC Auido/Midi setup and also recognition in Cubase 8.5 as like this Clavinova??
But CVP-MIDI data is not sent to MAC (or Cubase)

Of course, Clavinova CVP-605 MIDI OUT Setup is set to all out

How to fix this problem.?
Currently Yamaha USB MIDI Driver support up to OSX 10.9
OSX 10.9 version is 2 years old version.
Yamaha keyboard instruments as part of the organization, no innovation or development.

Anyone help me this problem for using CVP-605 in my Cubase Pro 8.5


  1. Computer : MAC Pro 5.1
  2. OS : OSX 10.11 [El-Capitan]
  3. DAW : Cubase 8.5
  4. Master MIDI[1] : CVP-605 [Yamaha Clavinova - Digital Piano] – [No works for midi out]
  5. Master MIDI[2] : AKAI MPK249 [Good works]