How to share a cubase project?

Im trying to share a project with another user on here…

their is only one audio track in it so its not a massive file but still quite big.

Tried both zipping and raring the project and its still to big for me to send through my e-mail acount.
i also tried to rar the audio folder on its own still no joy.

anyone no a way.


one of the many upload services?

Mediafire, etc?

Sharing a project is a pain in the arse due to the requirement that everyone use a version of Cubase that can read the project. What people do instead is mixdown to WAV file and distribute those instead. If you have “guide tracks” those get mixed down separately.

For example, if I’m working on a jazz tune (coughDougcough) I’ll mix the drums, bass, guitar, and strings (if any) to one WAV file and the piano track I put together to a different one. This would allow Doug to mute my piano track while he composes his version of it without affecting his ability to hear the whole tune. When Doug is done, he’ll mixdown his piano track only without any inserts or sends so that I can apply whatever processing I need to in order to keep the entire song consistent from an overall ambiance perspective.

By the way, Doug, that wasn’t a hint. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

The easiest way is to use a track archive.
I’m not sure what version of Cubase this was introduced in, but it is there in C6.
Simly select every track you want to share in the project, and go to
“File-Export-Selected Tracks” and follow the prompts (you will want to copy the media, as opposed to referencing it).

This will create a Steinberg XML file that can be imported into any version of Cubase - or Nuendo - that supports this.
If you also have either SSL ProConvert, or Suite Spot Studios AA Translator, you can also convert the sessions from almost any ther DAW to a Steinberg XML file - or Vide-Versa - for sharing with others.

Have you tried DropBox at all? You can get an initial limit of 2Gb for free, or pay $10/month for a 50Gb limit.
If you RAR the audio files then you will get a lot more into the allowed space as well. Just (for safety’s sake) do not use DropBox on your working DAW if you have a secondary system available.

Hey guys

Thanks for the suggestions some good ways their…yeh it seems like a tough call to share a project…

What it was is someone wanted to see a project with an accapella timewarped/tempo detected and have a mess about with it needed to be the project…im going to try and put it on a dvd for him and mail it…
So is this one of the features in 6.5 with the uploads or is that just for mixdowns?
If not maybe Steinberg will come up with something in the future to do this…god knows what if im struggling with a one track project…
:laughing: :laughing: :question:

Thanks again for the help

Not so difficult.
Simply RAR up your project folder, and send with DropBox.
No need to write a DVD or trust anything to the tender mercies of the postal system.

If you are on Nuendo, you can easily set up a Networked project via internet too.

Also, check your pool. Look in there to see if there are unused audio files that you may be sending or trying to zip up. There are commands in the pool for removing unused media from the pool and emptying the trash.

Alternately, you can choose backup project. In there there are ways to optimize the project as well that affect the new project’s pool.