How to share a single Cubase installation

We have a shared computer in our recording studio and my writing partner installed Cubase on it with his license. I have a Cubase license as well but it doesn’t work with his installation. This is a major problem when I need to work at the studio when he is not there.

Is there a way to use 2 different licenses on one Cubase install?

It should work…
What version of Cubase is installed and what version is your license for?

He’s on Cubase 7, but I’m on 7.5

I can see how that would be an issue :confused:

Is it possible for him to upgrade to 7.5? or is it too late now that version 8 is out?

Elements, Artist, or the full version?
You won’t find an update to 7.5 in the Steinberg Online store but you might find one at a retailer.
Also, can you be more specific about, “doesn’t work”? Are you getting a message at start, etc?

As all Cubase licenses will work with any Cubase version up to the license’s version, your “Cubase 7.5” license does indeed support both your “Cubase 7.5” installation and your partner’s “Cubase 7” installation.

So the problem seems to be rooted somewhere else.

Ok, I tried it again with my usb key, and now it says:

“You have not activated your Cubase 7 license permanently yet. You may use it for another 24 hours. Please activate the permanent license in the eLicenser Control Center”

Is this something I have to do? or my writing partner?


Whomever this dongle belongs to must permanently activate the license. Right now, it appears as if you are just using the 25 hour (temporary) license which comes on the dongle. Just open the license control center and enter the activation code which came with your purchase.

Ok, I’ll do that next time I’m in the studio. Although it’s strange because I already did this procedure and my dongle works without issue on my home installation of Cubase.


Is the license software up to date on both systems.