How to share Cubase audio and GUI over SKype?

I have a need to have a skype meeting with a colleague in a different city.

During the meeting I hope to share audio recordings with him in as high fidelity as possible.

It would also be very useful if he could see the audio wave form in real time.

The recordings in question are stereo two track recordings so the cubase project in question would be a single stereo track with the zoom adjust so that the track fills the screen.

We are not going to be recording or mixing or anything like that, but we need to be able to hear and “see” the same audio together in real time.

any body know how to do this?

I hope people dont mind the multiple posts but I use Cubase 5 at home, I am about to upgrade to Cubase 6, but the computer that these meetings will take place through will have Cubase AI.

Aloha f,

I Skype with my buddy maybe once or twice a month.

The sound is fine but we cannot do performing in real time.
There is always a lag.

About the music part:
I have not played music to him directly from Cubase (I have to try that)
but I have played aif/wav/mp3 files.

We both use Yamaha n12s mixer/audio interface and headphones
and we play music/talk to and see each other that way.

The sound is ok. An analogy would be like a SM58 or a Ford F150.
Good enough to do most jobs.

However personally I would shy away from doing anything
‘critical’ using Skype.

Reason being when Skype works it is great but Skype can
also crap out on you when you least expect it.

About the video part:
My buddy and I use the built-in cameras in our 'puters so I guess
you would have to get some sort of webcam and point it at the screen.

Might work because I have held up music notation for him to read.

Dat’s all I got. HTH

How does your audio get to Skype? Are you saying you route the sound-card’s output (via your mixer) back into the input?

Is is feasible just to route the audio-player’s output to Skype without external hardware?

You can share your desktop in Skype, one direction or two, but real time screen updating is not happening in reality. If you both have super-fast synchronous connections to the net, you’ll get better results. Its great for sharing your work with someone to get their real-time feedback after transferring a file to them, and with the web cams, you can see if they are making faces or not! :laughing:

Sure, with a mixer, but it will be compressed as hell and contain artifacts at the other end. Send a file, that’s the only chance you have for glitch free listening at the other end.