How to shift level of entire automated track?

Is there a way to adjust the level of an ENTIRE audio track that has been automated without going through and adjusting every volume curve point? The approach I have been using is to send the track to a GROUP and then change the overall level there.

Is there a better way?

Project Logical Editor, see the presets, one will get you close.

You can also, often just go into the last insert and tweak its output level a bit.

Use the Trim function in the Automation panel

I’m pretty sure you can use the Trim function:

Open the Automation Panel
Activate Trim and also Loop which is under the Fill column
Select all events on the track and press P to set the left and right locator around the events
Move the channel fader and you should see the whole automation data move up or down

Keep in mind I have not tried this myself as I am not at my computer at the moment. But I’m pretty sure the above steps will work. Let me know how it goes.

Great! Thank you everyone for the replies.

Another easy way is to right click on the volume automation track header, then click select all. It should then select all volume automation points on that volume automation lane. In the top middle of the white rectangle that appears around the automation points, you should be able to grab the gray dot (scale vertically) in the top middle of the white rectangle and drag up or down. You have to be in the pointer tool and hover over the middle of the white rectangle to see the gray dot handle thingies.

You’ll notice this keeps an equal relative volume relationship in your automation data. That is, the dots get closer together vertically as your volume gets lower. This is actually usually desirable to keep relative volumes and to prevent really low levels from immediately bottoming out into silence.

These operations are so much easier than they used to be.

My way is like the last except I always have a point right at the beginning of the automation, I click on that holding shift down and it selects all the points. I must admit I would love Cubase to allow you to use the channel fader perhaps while holding down shift to scale all automation points, that would be excellent.

Yes, i agree 100%