How to shift level of track that has volume automation?

I worked for a long time adding volume automation to a vocal track - now it turns out the entire track needs to be raised in the mix. Is there a way to shift all the automation points by the same amount? If I push the fader up it only works until the next automation point moves it back. My “workaround” was to send the track to a group channel and then adjust the overall track level in the mix that way. It works but seems a bit clumsy.

Is there a more direct way?

“Lasso” all the automation points and change the value in the info line. They should all move by the same amount.

Sending the track a group channel is a legitimate solution. Also at the very top of the mixer there is a gain knob. Shift+click and drag to change the gain of the channel or enter a dB value in the field to the right of it.

Aloha guys and +1.
That is precisely my approach.

But I am also going to give Scab’s suggestion a try.
Sounds kool!

tanx @ Mr Pickens

Good Luck!

If you mean “routing” the track to a group, then only as long as you don´t have any post fader inserts that rely on threshold settings or -sends in general used on the track…

As long as you don´t use any inserts that rely on threshold settings at all on that track…

In addition to Scab Pickens´ suggestion - “trim automation” will do also…