How to shift the second verse to the first verse?

Dear developers and users,

Is there a way to move the mistyped lyric verse correctly?

For example, I mistyped the first verse of the lyrics to the second verse.
How can I move the lyrics in the second verse into the first verse?
Is it possible?

Sorry if I missed something in the manual.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not in front of Dorico, but I believe you can select/filter the relevant lyrics and then change their line number in the properties panel.

Leo is correct, presupposing you don’t also have something typed into line1. If you do, filter those lyrics first, switch them to something else like line5, and then you can take the 2nd verse and shift it to the 1st.

Dear Leo and Romanos,

Thank you for the kind answers.
It is an amazing and wonderful method!