How to shorten scores to show just the instruments playing on a give page?


My question above comes from various scores I see on imslp or in general where the score will only show, out of a full orchestra let’s say, just the instruments that are playing at that time. So as to reduce score clutter and not make the conductor see a bunch of empty bars. And each segment is separated by the three dashed diagonal lines? I am sorry I do not know the terms to call any of these, but if you know what I am talking about I would greatly appreciate your help in this.


For showing only the staves in any system that contain notes, see hiding empty staves (as the result is you hide any staves that only contain rests from view on a per-system basis). Before 3.5, this was only available globally per-layout, but in 3.5 you can also manually hide staves at system/frame breaks.

For showing the diagonal lines between systems, see showing system dividers.