How to show Flow Headers on first page


New user here. I’ve got five flows which have the default number as their heading. However, flow headings are not showing on the first page.

Sorry, if this is an obvious answer. I have tried reading manual and looking on forum for a couple of hours before posting.



Hi Sean, welcome to the forum!

How did you add your project title? If you entered it directly on page 1, that will have created a page override, meaning subsequent changes won’t affect that page – it’s “locked” into place as it was when you last edited it.

In Engrave mode, if there’s a red triangle on page 1, it’s overridden. See here for how to remove the override.

The token that’s on the first page of music by default refers to the project title field in Project Info. Here are diagrams showing the information that appears on pages automatically and which tokens they use.

PS – if you want the last system of all of your flows to span the full width of the page, see here for the setting that controls the horizontal justification of the final system in each flow.

PPS – Just checking that to make all the flows just show their flow number, you edited the Default flow heading, rather than manually removing the flow title for each flow? You can also delete their flow names/titles entirely, as it looks like you might have done, but editing the Default flow heading and making sure that only contains the information/tokens you want to show in flow headings gives you all sorts of options in the long run.

Hi Lillie,

Thanks so much for your help. I’ve realised that because I’m using Dorico Elements, I don’t have access to the Pages panel in Engrave mode.

Reading your reccomendation, I think I understand now that it’s better to:

  1. Edit the default flow title heading in the music rather than editing the labels in the blue flow sqaures at the bottom in setup mode.

  2. Maintain the curly brakets and @ symbol format in the project title and flow headings will prevent page overrides.

So now I’m wondering, is there a way to remove a page override in Elements 4? I tried putting {@flowTitle@} back in the title.

PS - Thanks for the justification tip. I was wondering about that! :blush:

PPS - I had previously deleted the flow headings in the blue boxes at the bottom in setup mode. On the page they still have the format - {@flowNumber@}. {@flowTitle@}

Thanks for your time!

Unfortunately in Dorico Elements, you don’t have access to the Pages panel and so can’t remove overrides. If you’re comfortable sharing the project here, someone might be able to remove the overrides for you and send the project back.

Or, simply delete the full score layout (or whichever layout this is) in your project, and create a new one: it won’t have page overrides and you can start afresh.

Because you have Dorico Elements but don’t want to show flow titles in flow headings, only the flow number, your method of leaving the flow title field blank is possibly the simplest. (Because in Elements you can’t edit the formatting of the flow heading “template”.) However, having seen projects where users have deleted instrument names when they really simply needed to hide staff labels, a bit similar to this, I wanted to make sure you understood the hows and whys of the functionality so you can utilise it all fully.

Customizing page templates and flow headings are a Pro-only feature, really; manually changing the contents of individual flow headings on pages in the music will also produce page overrides.

The curly brackets and @ symbol formats are tokens: they’re the bits that auto-populate with whatever is entered into the corresponding field in project info, or elsewhere – like the layout name token that displays the layout’s name.

Thanks Lillie! Appreciate the help! :blush: