How to show only the "solo"-ed tracks?

I don’t find anything in the Logical editor (or anywhere else) that hides all tracks except the solo-ed tracks. Perhaps it doesn’t exist? Trying to display either in the Mixer or Project view just the Solo channels. I did a Search, but no real solution has yet been found. Any ideas? Thanks.


Use the Project Logical Editor:

Filter Target
( Container Type Is | Equal | Track | And
Property | Property is Set | Is Muted )

Action Target
Track Operation | Hide Track | Enable


This will hide all Muted (i.e. not Soloed) tracks.

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Thanks so much Martin. I should think “upside down,” or “in reverse.” If I want to do something, think the opposite! Ha. Cheers!

This is great stuff. I’ve just started exploring the PLE but it’s seems quite useful.


PLE is very useful. :wink: