How to show Percussion Legend in part

I figured out how to show the Percussion legend in the full score, but how do I achieve this in the actual percussion part? Thanks for anyone’s help on this. The attachments show that I enabled the legend in both layouts. Full score shows legend, but the part does not show, even when viewing in print mode. I must be missing something. Would I need to manually add that as a token? Is there a percussion legend token?
Percussion part.png

Percussion legends are layout-specific. You can copy and paste a percussion legend from one layout to another, or you can simply re-create the percussion legend in the layout in which you want it to appear.

Thanks Daniel. I actually noticed that legends only show if you also select 5-line staff, so that was what I was missing. If I select Grid or single line instruments, I get a flag showing Percussion legend, but I can’t see the actual legend (in text form). Is this correct behavior?

Yes, it is correct behaviour: legends only appear on five-line staves because you don’t need them when each line/staff is individually labeled in the other two presentation types.