How to show Percussion Legend in part

I figured out how to show the Percussion legend in the full score, but how do I achieve this in the actual percussion part? Thanks for anyone’s help on this. The attachments show that I enabled the legend in both layouts. Full score shows legend, but the part does not show, even when viewing in print mode. I must be missing something. Would I need to manually add that as a token? Is there a percussion legend token?
Percussion part.png

Percussion legends are layout-specific. You can copy and paste a percussion legend from one layout to another, or you can simply re-create the percussion legend in the layout in which you want it to appear.

Thanks Daniel. I actually noticed that legends only show if you also select 5-line staff, so that was what I was missing. If I select Grid or single line instruments, I get a flag showing Percussion legend, but I can’t see the actual legend (in text form). Is this correct behavior?

Yes, it is correct behaviour: legends only appear on five-line staves because you don’t need them when each line/staff is individually labeled in the other two presentation types.

I don’t see my percussion labeled. What am I doing wrong?

It’s in Daniels reply directly above:

You have grid representation in the layout in your screenshot.

EDIT: if you want to have staff labels you have to switch them on in layout options, as they are desirables by default for pet layouts.

Daniel said, that the names should appear.
Where can I turn it on exactly?

Go to the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options and set the staff labels for the layout(s) you’re working on.

Thanks a lot!

I found out that if you have Percussion Legend signpost showing up in grid mode (generated locally with “percussion/legend for sounding instruments” on single notes, or inherited from a previous 5-lines Staff assignment of the same layout that had percussion legends), you can force the name of the playing instruments to show up if you assign a “Custom text” in the properties of each signpost (if you need for some reason to help the player remember wich instrument to play for that particular note…)

I find the way how Dorico balances the automated functions with the possibility of customisation/overriding to be very elegant.

i setted this in current layout. I dont get these percussion legends show here with Dorico Pro 5. i activated sing posts and player is five line staff mode. what else needed?