How to show send panning simultaneously in Channel Editor

In Cubase 6.5 and < we where able to show the panning and routing of a send as Send Routing directly next to the send’s level in the Channel Editor (available through Customize view in Cubase versions prior to 7).

But I can’t figure out how to set it up like that in Cubase 8.5. Currently I have to switch to the panning tab each time to adjust or see the pan values of sends. Especially when working with numerous channels with different sends it is tedious to need to switch back and forth to know what panning parameter belongs to what send and what their values are.

So the question is: How can I show the Name, Level and Panning of a send at once in the Channel Editor, like it was possible in Cubase 6.5?

No way since Cubase 7 to show send level and send panorama (and destinations’ names in the pan tab :neutral_face: ) simultaneously.

It’s one of the things that was lost from the simple mixer and not (yet?) re-implemented in the otherwise pretty superb Mix Console.

That’s a shame.
Thanks anyway marQs.

Been asking for at least the send names in the panning tab since 7.0…

At least it’s no matter where you click to toggle destinations/panning, upper or lower bar.

Yes, you can click on the send tab too, but a click is a click. And in this case each click needs another click to bring you back to the send slots again. So when I want to view/modify a send panning on Track X and leave the editor, I have to click again on Track Y to bring me back to the send slots. So what costed me no proceedings (except opening the editor) prior to 7/8, now costs two extra steps each time.
To prevent this regression, one would think a simpler solution was something along the lines of this (when you need to stay in the current Console design).

Hahaaa, two years ago:

Hahaha :laughing:

Yes, there are very simple solutions to resolve this but Steinberg is ignoring us :frowning:
I’m panning the wrong sends all the time and every time I do it I am wondering why they don’t fix this???
Even a simple numbering on send pannings will do the job
Please Steinberg!!!

There used to be the option to link the send and channel panners. I might even be persuaded to upgrade from 7.5 if they would re implement this.

It has never been removed

How is it done then?

Select Link Panners from the function menu in the channel editor or set the preference to Activate Link Panners for new channels.

I wonder if it ever occurred to anyone that it might be cool if the sends would follow automated channel panning when linked.