How to show Stereo Out track in project window

I usually write a volume automation and then I press “view all automations” to show the track line (like in the picture) because I don’t know the orthodox method to do this.


You can enable Write of the Stereo Out in the MixConsole. Then it should appears in the Project window too.

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Oh thanks.
Is this the only way?

I wondered about this too, the ways to make it appear seem a bit random.


Another way is to Activate Write for All tracks in the Project window, if you don’t want to switch to MixConsole. The W button on top. But this shows also Input Channels.

It’s not random at all. It always appears when you start to write an automation to these Channels. Very stable.

I tried with the key command “Write Automations for All Tracks On/Off” but the tracks don’t show up. It works fine only with the mouse click on the W so I can’t create a macro :<