How to show the master track in the arranger?

Hey everyone,

I tried to find the answer here and followed this advice: Master track in the arrange window HOW???

But still I cannot see the master track. Also tried to press the global W button at the top and still nothing.

Is it somehow different in Cubase 11?
I’d like to show it so that I can automate the master volume with the mouse

Thanks in advance everyone

Master Track is not a thing in Cubase. You might be talking about Stereo Out.

Really, if you spend some time with the manual to learn the elements in Cubase and their names you’ll have an easier time climbing the learning curve.

Hello Steve and thank you

I do see that it’s called Stereo Out in Cubase, I just thought the terms are interchangeable (I’m still used to Ableton Live :grinning: )

Is there a way to show the Stereo Out as a track in the arranger in Cubase 11?
And of course you’re right I will spend time with the manual

Thanks in advance

Why Yes, there is.

I’m using 10.5 but I assume it’s still the same in 11.

Look for the input/output folder on the arrange page.
If all you want to do is automate the volume of the master fader just open the input/output folder, highlight the stereo out out and click the “R” (read) button. It defaults to the volume line.

Is that what you mean?

If the stereo out isn’t visible on the arrange page enable and disable the automation of this track in the mixer.