How to shrink Export Audio Mixdown window [Solved]

I wanted to find out how to actually shrink the Export Audio Mixdown window on Cubase 9.5 Elements because it’s too big that I’m not able to press the export button. Would appreciate someone’s help.

You should be able to drag a corner of the window to the size you want then move it as necessary and save the project and it should be saved at that size.

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I tried going to a corner of the window. but unfortunately it didn’t want to resize. Any suggestions.

You can’t shrink the window…very poor design…you’ll have to expand your screen instead by auto-hiding windows taskbar.

I had the same problem.

When you auto hide the taskbar you’ll see about 30% of the Export button, just enough to click it. I’ve since purchased a 1080p monitor and plugged it into my laptop’s hdmi port.

Change the resolution.

As mentioned, it must be related to the screen resolution. I can definitely grab a corner and/or side of that window and drag it larger or smaller and position it where I want. It will only allow you to go so small though. And that must be related to the screen resolution. I have no idea if this info will help but, I have a 27 inch screen that is set to 1920 X 1200 and I have plenty of room around that window (even with the Windows taskbar showing. I do have that set to auto hide but, not because of this concern.

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Thanks everyone for their input. Being that my computer is a bit old, the screen resolution max for it is only 1366x768. It’s a 15 wide-screen display and I’m on Windows 7 (64 bit). Even if I unlock the taskbar, I do get to see the export button a little bit, but won’t be able to press it by just using the arrow from my computer’s TouchPad. Since I have to use it to pull the window up, once I try to go to the button and press it, the Export button hides again. Anyone know what screen resolution I would need to set it on for this to work and be able to press the Export button? This is definitely a ridiculous problem to have.

Well if you are at max resolution already then you can’t set a resolution to make it work.

You can probably tab to the export button with your keyboard and then hit enter/return. Or if nothing else works move taskbar to top or side of screen temporarily to let you click the small bit that is showing.

Thanks for your input. I was just reading about the Key commands, it seems I’m going to have to assign a character to work for the Audio Export. BTW, I wasn’t aware that you could move the taskbar that would be by unlocking it first, correct?

Yes, just unlock it and then drag to the side.

Even that’s more tricky than you might expect. I think you’ll have to make a macro of export audio mixdown followed by perform audio export otherwise focus is on the export dialogue and key command doesn’t pass through.

Thanks to everyone’s input. It’s seems that unlocking and moving the taskbar to the side worked best. I was able to press the Export button. One problem I saw was that upon pressing the Export button, and converting my tracks to MP3 format, the audio export window stayed on 0% throughout the process. Good thing was that it did complete the process anyway. I hope this problem gets fixed being that not everyone has a state of the art computer/laptop.

re: One problem I saw was that upon pressing the Export button, and converting my tracks to MP3 format…

I feel the need to comment about you exporting to the MP3 format.
I have found it best to export to a WAV file in the same Sample Rate and Bit resolution as the Project settings. After you export, convert the file to whichever format you desire.

Much better fidelity doing it that way, and much more flexibility when the need requires you to have more than one format available.