How to Shut off Auto-Scrolling.

Is there a way to disable auto-scrolling for good!?. Not just clicking on it,just shut it off permanently.
Everytime I click on a part for the Arranger-Track Auto-Scroll comes on, or if I zoom in to a really small resolution.Why?
Thank you.

You can use a key command to toggle it on/off, so when it “comes on”, you can press one key to turn it off.

I find it odd that it just “comes on”. I dont rememeber this happening in C5. Is there a pref for this somewhere, maybe?

This is what I’m hoping for also.

This has bothered me for years. It seems to have improved lately though…

I have a key command assigned to this function but it always seems to turn on by itself.
Just when you don’t want it to, it always catches me off guard and I lose the focus of where I was.
I know they added new functionality to the scrolling settings recently but I think we need
a way to turn it on and off absolutely. The program has no idea what I’m doing and can’t
guess what needs to be done. It is always wrong.

Is there a preference for this?
I don’t think so, I’ve looked but I may have over looked.
I thought I was going crazy at first.

Please let us control the Auto Scroll behavior once and for all!
Without more clicking!
Either on or off would suffice and only when I hit the key command.