How to side chain in Cubase with third party plugins?

Hi I was searching around Youtube trying to find a way to side chain compress using plugins like neutron in Cubase, but no luck finding anything yet. Also tried fiddling around in Cubase myself and could not figure out a way to do it… I know how to do it using the stock Cubase compressor, but the same easy options do not seem to be available for third party plugins (?) - so I am wondering how to side chain compress using izotope neutron or any other third party compressor for that matter? I wish it was simpler, in Logic for instance there is a side chain option in the top right, not sure why its so complicated to figure out in Cubase, maybe I am missing some special piece of information.

You need to have Cubase Pro, Artist or Elements for this, but it’s the little icon at the top left of the plugin GUI (it’s activated so it’s orange in the screen cap). Then you click the gear next to it to bring up the side-chain source selection window, then you’re done.
Update: This is only available in VST3 plugins that feature a side-chain input.


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Plugins need to be VST3 and have a side chain input: Side-Chain Input for VST Instruments


Some of the older VST2 plugins that simply had 4 ins and 2 or 4 outs, used to do it by putting the effect in a quad group track. Then you route the track you want processed into the group’s front channels. From there, you can use a send to route whatever you need into the back channels of the group to drive the gate.

Here is a freebie VST2 Compressor from the Dead Duck Collection. It has a normal stereo input, and an aux stereo input.

I’ve loaded a general MIDI file and connected all the tracks to a HALion instance.

I isolated the kick drum off to a bus of his own, as this is what I’ll be chaining to the compressor.

I created a group track with a ‘quadro’ configuration, and called it SideChain Compressor

I’ve routed both of my HALion outputs into the SideChain Compressor group, and panned these full front.

I set up a send on the Kick drum and panned it full rear.

I’ve configured the plugin to drive the compressor using the aux or back channels (my kick drum).


thanks this should help me solve the problem for vst3 or vst2 : )

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