How to sidechain from 1 send to several compressors on different FX tracks?

im trying to sidechain 3 or more compressors on different FX tracks to duck Reverbs and delays on a vocal or whatever track from a single send(to not waste more send slots and also less mess on eyes)
in Protools for example i can send to a bus on a track and send it directly to compressors on Aux tracks as "key"to do the ducking thing.
Here is a Gif on nuendo 13, where i show that i dont see an option to assign and sidechain the compressors to a single send
Sidechain from one send

Found a way to do it after thinking about some routing !
need to create FX or Group track and use that track as the “Bus” to send to it from the “vocal” track (one send) and send from that bus track to sidechain compressors on FX tracks.
not straight forward like in protools , but its the same concept and do the job
Here is the Gif on how to do it

Sidechain Bus setup from one send cubase

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