How to Sidechain Reverb to Synth in Cubase 8.5?


I’m trying to sidechain the reverb to my synth in Cubase 8.5, I’ve watched alot of tutorials, and they all seem so complicated doing this. IS there an easy way to do this?

I saw this: - in this tutorial he makes a trigger track with a kick playing the same rythm as the synth. Eventhough this works, I still just want the synth to be the trigger of the sidechain so that the reverb ducks when the synth is playing and pumps out when it’s not.

How I set up sidechain today:

I create a group called SIDECHAIN where I put my compressor on the insert.

Then I route all synths I want sidechained to a SYNTH bus which output also is routed to this SIDECHAIN group.

After this I route the trigger track’s output (in my case it’s a kick) to the sidechain.

Using my way of doing this, how do I instead use the synth as a trigger instead of a trigger from an audio track?

I found this way to be the easiest way to do sidechaining, does anyone disagree/got any better solution for this?

Answer is highly appreciated! Thanks.

No-one got a suggestion on this? :slight_smile: would appreciate all the tips!

Create FX track. Put reverb as insert one, compressor as insert two (compressor should be the last effect in chain in case you use more than just reverb put the compressor last).
Enable sidechain on the compressor.

On your synth track use two sends. One for the compressor sidechain input, one for the FX channel itself.