How to Sing, 1902

Lilli Lehman was apparently a famous singer a century ago and wrote an illustrated book that is now available on the free Project Gutenberg site. Singers may be interested in this.

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She’s a woman after my own heart.

I am already through chapter one and am enjoying how she shovels away the top-soil of art to reveal its physical and scientific foundations. I’d love to have heard her sing: for in her writing style she walks the talk of her singing lessons. Her precise cage of words restrains the heart of a tigress. Ah, Lilli.

Yup, you’ve given me much joy. I would like to share the joy of one of my favourite singers of all time … fell in love with her in the '80s, lost contact for many years then a couple of years ago was told she’d gone down with cancer, but, thank goodness, had come back up again. Go to Youtube and search: Beverly Hoch - The Russian Nightingale. Every time I listen to her, it’s the first time.Incidentally, for years, my experience of her had been audio only and when she mentioned youtube and I got to actually SEE her, awwww I CRUMPLED. Y’know those silent movie stars of the early 20th Century? Beverly has the same intense precision … plenty of times her eyes swallowed me whole.

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I am not much of a singer, so perhaps this will help (some would prefer a bullet come my way!) :laughing:

Damn!!! :astonished: :sunglasses: In tune and she’s even squeeze in some low notes!