How to solo EQ Frequencies

Does anyone have some good tips or tools on how to solo specific EQ frequencies in Cubase?

Listening to specific frequencies is a really helpful way to learn whats going on in different areas of your mix or track. The only way I know how to do this is as follows:

(This only works for single tracks or stereo masters)

  1. Duplicate the track in question
  2. Flip the phase
  3. Ensure the volume (and panning) of the two tracks is identical
    (At this stage - you should not hear anything, (silence), because the two tracks are out of phase and cancelling each other out perfectly.)
  4. Now you can bring up an EQ on one of the tracks and boost or cut a specific frequency range to hear just that filter set in solo.

Is there an easier way? Perhaps a plug-in tool or a feature in Cubase?
Can you do on the master bus without duplicating tracks?
Perhaps there is a setup in Control Room that will allow you to do this?

This is a really helpful trick - but I would love to make it easier to access.

Cheers - Damian

You could try the multiband compressor where you slam down the low and high frequencies and apply no compression to the frequencies you want to hear?

Aloha D,

Don’t know if this will help and I have not used it yet
but would not the new DJ EQ that comes with C6.5
help a bit in this scenario.

I believe it is supposed to kill (isolate) certain frequencies
‘on the fly’, and the frequencies can be user set.


Ma bad.

Just realized you are using Cubase 5.5.

The C6.5 suggestion will not help.

Once again, apologies.


Get the DDMF IIEQ Pro…it allows listening of frequencies while sweeping as well, has a built in analyser…is quite the stunning full featured EQ. Analog, digital mode…I think it’s only $25.

FabFilter EQ does it as well. I never use another one since I have it.
For just soloing frequencies you can use Voxenge Span. It’s an analyzer, but you can Ctrl+Click in the analysis window to hear single frequencies (it’s freeware).

Cheers, Matze!