How to sound like Far Too Loud

Hello again!
I read some time ago that among other software, Far Too Loud uses Cubase, so now I’d like to know more about how to achieve that type of sound with all the cuts and stuff.

I’ve tried finding a tutorial but I don’t think it exists.

Thank you :slight_smile:

A lot of that stuff comes down to a lot of audio editing with loops. A LOT of audio editing

You need to be thinking about chopping up the loops into little tempo sync’d snippets, deleting some of them repeating them, reversing them, etc… Basically it’s labour intensive stuff.

Jem Godfrey wrote about some of these techniques in July’s Sound on Sound… It’s worth getting hold of that and having a read… Also downloading his audio samples too.

Other techniques… Spread your slices onto separate tracks, spreading them across the soundstage, processing them differently.

Lots of copy and paste, mute automation, many many tracks.

Will also help to get some fairly cutting edge VSTis like Omnisphere and Alchemy.

Also noises and ‘found sounds’ you need to be sampling household fans, car engines, water droplets in a bucket, sand poured on metal, old bits of metal junk being struck with other bits of junk, etc, etc, and then go to work in your sampler of choice with extreme pitch shifting, reversing filtering, more filtering, resampling, phasing, etc.

Did I mention a lot of audio editing?

Thank you!
I’ll search for everything you have mentioned.

If there is any more info on this it would be very welcome.