How to sounds like 80s synth on Yamaha P-45

I want my keyboard to sound like the synth in Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” !!

What VST can I use to imitate this classic 80s sound? Is there a Steinberg program for tihs?

You’d be able to get close with Retrologue as you can layer and apply effects on top.
Are you trying to recreate the bass or the lead? There’s strings as well, of course.

They’re not complicated sounds, but getting the character of the originals will be the toughest part if you want it spot on.

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If you want to sound exactly like Billie Jean I have found that the iK is really good.

Arturia has an emulation as well:

Retrologue can do the trick though.

(I have no association with ,or am paid to promote iK Multimedia products, but they did give me the V-80 for free.)