How to specify a value when nudging?

I searched the forum but didn’t find this issue about Nuendo 5.5 and previous versions (i’m using the 5,5 demo and going to purchase it over 4, but I’m a Nuendo user since v.2)

It’s about NUDGE. Is there a way to specify a value for nudging in frames or milliseconds? It seems that in Nuendo you can only select 1, 10, 100 o 96000 samples (or 44100, or 48000 depending on the project frame rate) or 1, 10, 100, 1000 milliseconds. Is there the possibility to type in your desired value? I need it because I always track on tape and get the signal in Nuendo directly from the repro head of my 24 tracks OtariI, going from the console to tape and directly from tape to Nuendo while recording. It means I have a delay of 17.785 samples (at 96k) on the tempo grid (the distance between the sync head and the repro head). But since this delay is constant, It would be great if I could fill a “Nudge field” with the value “17.785 samples” and press the “nudge left” command every time I stop the recording when events remains selected, so that they immediately allineate to the tempo grid. Pro Tools (that I hate) has this function and is great. It would be important also while using a milliseconds grid, for many reasons. Is it possible?

thank you

Create a macro which puts a few nudge commands together.

Can you please explain to me how? Thanx a lot

There is a free VST plug-in from Voxengo called “Sound Delay”. It will add delay to your tracks in either samples or milliseconds - this may be your best bet as it does not rely on the project ruler etc. I use it to add delay to some of my faster A/D converters when using them with other higher latency model when tracking drums. The tracks themselves don’t get shifted, but they play where you want them to. The delay you are talking about (17.785 samples @ 96k) is only about .185ms and not something that would be that obvious when looking at the waveforms.

BTW - that delay (.185ms) sounds really, really short for the distance between the sync and repro head…am I missing something?

Take a look at “Adjust for Record Latency” under Device Setup->VST Audio System. In the “Record Shift” dialog box, you can enter the exact number of samples plus or minus.
Oh, and forget about trying to find this in the manual, it is not in there, I just spent 20 mins trying to find it by searching the PDF by Key words, but nothing shows up about it.
If you go to the Device Setup page under VST Audio System, click the “Help” button and it explains it there.
Good luck.

Certainly. Go into Edit -> Project Logical Editor and then under the “Parts and Events” menu select the preset “Shift Events By 2 Frames”. This will give you a basis to work from. Change the bottom parameter to subtract 17785 samples and then save that as a preset. You can then assign that preset to a key command.