how to specify pitch bend range

In Play I like having the ability to specify and draw pitch bend.
But I see that the variation in pitch is +/- 100 cents

Is there a way I can specify other ranges eg +/- 300 cents or +/- 600 cents ?



I am using the trial version of Dorico 3, Windows 10 with the supplied Halion sounds.
I also have some VSL and UVI sound libraries.

It’s not really possible to change the pitch bend range from Dorico. There is a very old MIDI standard for setting pitch bend range, but I don’t think many plugins support it. Each patch may have a different pitch bend range. Most are +/- 2 semitones, but some are +/- 1 octave, and Dorico has no way of knowing which one is used. Many plugins will allow you to change the pitch bend range inside the plugin UI.