How to speed up audio / no time stretching

Hi guys, I am trying to double the speed of my audio in Cubase, but I also want the pitch and time to change to create this natural micky mouse effect. How can I do that. I know pitch and time stretching, but I actually just want to double the speed and the pitch and can’t find any instructions online how to do that. Thanks for your help.

Ctrl P (to open the pool), find your track in the “audio” folder, make sure musical mode is crossed for that file, under “algorithms” select “elastique pro tape”. Now you can control the pitch and speed with the tempo on the transport. Enjoy!

Or alter sample rate of the file to do it (cleanly)

Drag the sample into Groove Agent, set the key range on the Pitch Page and play back one octave higher (=double speed)

Or drag it into the sampler and play it back an octave higher.