how to speed up GUI

since gui still not smooth as it should be, and in heavy projects zooming still painfully (but bettern then 9.0 :smiley: ).
i found some soulutions to make it less laggy

  1. File-Preferences-Show Event Display:
    Show Event names - disable
    Smallest track heigh to show data - three rows
    Smallest track heigh to show names - three rows
    after this,project zoom not more then three rows, gui will be smooth as should be. dont know why fonts & midi/audio images reduce gui smoothnes.

  2. show only 1 track at your working on, hide others.

  3. Freeze/Bounce instruments/audio - yes, more CPU loaded, less smooth GUI you have

hope it helps.
if you know other tips, welcome :wink:


I would expect, the improvements comes mostly thanks to this “Smallest track heigh to show data - three rows” settings. The data/waveform is CPU hungry. So I expect you can leave to show the names to the default value. Or am I wrong?

yes you can, but when you need zoom more then 3 row, tons of fonts will slow down zooming.
actually its slightly noticeable :slight_smile: