How to split left and right hands on midi piano import?

Hi, I imported a midi file of a piano track. The notation is all treble clef. How do I split into left and right hand parts? Thanks

The first thing to do is to change the single-staff instrument you’ve started with into an actual piano: that process is explained here.

But having done that, you’ll still need to select the material that should be in the left-hand staff, and use Edit > Move to Staff Below to move things into the lower staff.

Thanks, I’ve seen your posts on the Audiobus forum. It took a bit to get the import from Cubasis3 to Dorico. Had to create a new midi track and that worked. I look forward to working this out!

Were you importing into Dorico Pro or the iPad version?

Is there a graphic that shows what all the icons do for iPad?

iPad version.

You can find the iPad manual here (it’s also available as a PDF from here) - depending on where the icons you’re looking up are, they’ll be in different places. E.g. the toolbar, the secondary toolbar, the Notes toolbox (on the left in Write mode), the Notations toolbox (on the right in Write mode). For a general overview of the project window, that’s here.

Thanks for this, also, is there a setting to have the left hand record on the bass staff and right hand on the treble staff skipping this step?

Welcome to the forum @Robert_Laurie - for that, you probably want to set up the split point appropriately (in Preferences > Play > Recording), and use MIDI recording.